OekoBusiness Vienna

Vienna’s environmental service package for local companies

OekoBusiness Vienna was launched in 1998 by the Municipal Department for Environmental Protection (MA 22) on behalf of the Vienna City Administration. To date, more than 1,100 companies have participated in OekoBusiness Vienna, implementing more than 15,000 environmental projects and actions. Through appropriate environmental management practices, these enterprises have been able to generate substantial cost savings.
The success of OekoBusiness Vienna illustrates that the voluntary move to apply quality standards for sustainability that exceed legal requirements creates significant financial benefits.

Philosophy and objectives

OekoBusiness Vienna is enshrined in the SMART CITY VIENNA framework, the city’s long-term and holistic strategy to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The aim is to ensure the best quality of life for all of Vienna’s citizens and to save resources through comprehensive innovations. An important part of this aim is for companies in the city to do business in an environmentally sustainable way.
The purpose of OekoBusiness Vienna is to help companies generate „green and clean“ profits through environmental management practices that benefit both the environment and the companies, ensuring financial rewards and high quality for each company.

OekoBusiness Vienna aims to:

  • Reduce the adverse environmental impact of economic activity through integrated environmental protection strategies
  • Improve the competitive position of Viennese businesses through more efficient use of resources (making full use of innovative potential and cost-saving opportunities), sustaining employment over the medium term
  • Strengthen the advisory component in the relationship between the city administration and the private sector
  • Contribute to the sustainable development of the City of Vienna
  • Encourage the exchange of information, nationally and internationally, with city administrations and companies running similar programmes
  • Extend and support environmental protection efforts both nationally and internationally
  • Help move business performance, consumption, transport and administration in the City of Vienna toward greater sustainability